That’s who you are, you know! There it is, in that simple word. This is what God expects from us! It’s not about doing. Just – be loved! Jesus has done the doing. We are the receivers of His love and grace. Any “doing” will flow naturally from our position and union with Him as His beloved.

Due to the Memorial Day weekend and several other conflicts we have decided to cancel the Friday night meeting on May 27. The next meeting will be Friday, June 24 with the Circuit Rider team from the Twin Cities….many from “The House” church. This team was a real blessing last year when they were with us. Under the banner “Bless Midwest” they have been called to travel around the state supporting, encouraging and speaking life into various ministries. These folks have such servant hearts, love God and love people. We’re super honored to have them back with us again! Please plan to be with us and tell your friends about it!

Then, the last weekend in July we are hosting the Nextgen team from SW Missouri, Joplin area. They were with us last November and they are the real deal! Daryl, Clint, Josh & Co. are really pioneering something special in that part of the country through united worship gatherings linking worship leaders/teams from various churches throughout the region. They will be with us Friday night, July 29 as we kick of 24 hours of non stop worship at the Wilderness. The following night, July 30 we will have Nextgen back to close out and share some of what’s happening in the Joplin region, speaking into our region of southern MN and northern Iowa. The 24 hours of worship is something new for us. Nextgen has been doing this monthly for over a year in their region. So, if you would like to be a part of the 24 hour worship time or know of worship leaders or teams that would be willing to come join in you can email Bob Scrabeck at as Bob is putting the schedule together.

Other upcoming: Mikhael Murnane will be here in early August – dates not finalized yet but it will be within the first two weeks.  Tom Stamman will be with us again on September 30.

There it is….the summer schedule as of now.

So, blessings to you and we’ll see you soon.

Tim Nelson
Director Wilderness Prayer Center
Tim’ Cell 507-525-0349

Circuit rider website:
Nextgen Worship website:
Mikhael Murnane:
Tom Stamman:

**We are installing carpet throughout the upstairs in June. Greg has had bunk beds made so we can house people overnight pretty comfortably soon.