Secure in God’s Goodness


I am writing this morning with a fire inside me!  There is real expectation for what God is doing and about to do in His church in our corner of the world!  Friends, we need to be aware and alive to the reality of who we are in Christ!  We need a fresh revelation of the goodness of God that would allow our faith to soar from that foundation!

Circumstances in our lives shift and change.  There is ebb and flow for everyone, and if we’re not secure in His goodness, we tend to move with our circumstances.  I want to encourage you today to see His goodness!  See His heart for you, His child.  Know that He is for you and will never abandon you!  Trust Him!  He is truly worthy of our trust!

We pray blessings over you and your families.

Tim Nelson
Director, Wilderness Prayer Center
Tim’s cell 507-525-0349