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A Watering Hole


As I reflect back over the years since the Wilderness Prayer Center began hosting prayer meetings in the former “Rice Lake Methodist Church” I believe one thing that might be said about this particular ministry is that it has been steady. Almost every Tuesday night for over 10 years now we have met to pray, worship, share, minister together. Numbers have varied – for the most part have not been large; but we’ve been consistent in meeting and covering YFC and this region in prayer. We would invite anyone who is even a little bit interested to come and meet with us. We would love to have you.

The Wilderness Prayer Center is a prayer ministry, a ministry of Southern Minnesota Youth For Christ. However, we have seen God shape this as more than a prayer ministry in unique ways. For 6-7 years we’ve had end of month Friday night meetings on most months. We’ve had guests from various places throughout both Minnesota and Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas City, Joplin MO, Colorado Springs…(WorshipMob), Israel, California, Middle East and probably more that don’t immediately come to mind. We’ve been told these meetings are like a “watering hole” for hungry saints who simply want to encounter God in deep and meaningful ways. These gatherings are not scripted; but God has never failed to meet us in beautiful times of encounter and refreshing. One of the fruits of these meetings has been the relationships that have developed with believers throughout the region and also with those who have come to be with us. I see God doing a work of knitting hearts together with others of like mind who are entering into relationships of affection and trust. Together we are encouraged in taking steps of faith and reaching for more of God. There is more. There is always more.

Have you ever felt like you’ve “maxed out” in your relationship with God? Have you felt like you have been coasting, maybe drying up spiritually? Psalm 133 says that when we dwell together in unity God commands the blessing. What is that blessing? The blessing according to Psalm 133 is life. When we give ourselves to intentionally pursuing more of God He rewards us with Himself. There is no greater reward.

Through this past spring and summer we’ve had the privilege of hosting a 7 hour time of worship on April 1, Todd Finney along with Adam Humburg and Nathanael White in both April and August, Dave and Patty Lage were with us in both April and June, Mikhael and Oriel Murnane were with us in June and more recently Cory Carlson and Barry Thompson were here in September. In addition we partnered with the Regional Worship Center for a prayer gathering on June 23 and we hosted a night of worship for “The Better Way – Five Sisters Project” on September 15th. Finally, a few of us had the opportunity to meet up with some from WorshipMob in the Twin Cities on June 20.

This coming October 27th Beth Crosby will be sharing her experiences along with photos from her recent trip to Israel. I believe she will be leading worship along with some from Our Fathers House in Albert Lea. On November 24th Tom Stamman will be with us again. There will be no Friday night meeting in December. All meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

God is moving in our region, folks. We’ve seen Him move, touching lives throughout the various YFC ministries. We want to be those who intercede for the work God is doing in this region in YFC but also to be those who stand with the church at large throughout southern Minnesota and northern Iowa.

Thank you for supporting us in prayer and in offerings of time and resources. To donate to the Wilderness Prayer Center you can make your check payable to “Youth For Christ” and on the memo line write “Wilderness Prayer Center”. You can mail it to:

South Central Minnesota Youth For Christ
116 West Clark Street
Albert Lea, MN 56007

God Bless you!

Tim Nelson
Director Wilderness Prayer Center
Tim’s Cell 507-525-0349