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What If, God?

Dear Friends,

I need to make you aware of a financial need we have at the Wilderness Prayer Center. Since last summer our finances have become an issue for us. We are currently $4000 in the red. Our annual budget is $17,000, very small for a building this size. Our budget breakdown consists of utilities, insurance, upkeep/repair and administrative costs. No one receives a salary as all those serving are volunteering. I have not wanted to write this letter. However, it is time to make this need known to those of you who have been a part of this ministry in recent years. Thank you for any help you might be able to offer. We are still looking at improvements to the exterior of the building. The siding is in tough shape and will either need to be patched or replaced whenever funds become available. More than just paint is needed as some of the siding is rotting.

In January we had Dave and Patty Lage from Holy Spirit Led Ministries in Ankeny, Iowa with us. They taught and shared powerful testimonies in the area of healing, stirring up those in attendance to step out and exercise the authority we’ve been granted in Christ in the area of healing. Many received prayer for healing as well as other needs.

Lately, my heart has been stirred with questions…. things like, “What if, God?” What if we would truly access the deep places in God? What if we, as God’s people acted like we believed what we claim to believe? What if we really expected God to do the impossible? What if we truly recognized the authority that we carry as sons and daughters of God? What if we felt the heart beat of God to draw us near to Him and experience Him as our Friend…. our Father, and we responded to Him from a place of expectancy? What if we really were convinced that His promises are forever true and that they are for each of us? You know…. the all things work together for good  kind of promise that plants hope deep in our spirits. I am believing that the body of Christ can and must serve to stir one another up in faith and courage to take steps beyond what we might often take alone. This is a primary purpose in meeting as we do.

In March/April we are planning on hosting a Unite Worship* gathering beginning Friday night, March 31 or Saturday morning April 1. We will let you know start time. It depends on how many teams will be able to come fill time slots. This is continuous worship for anywhere from 12-24 hours incorporating local worship teams/leaders from the area. If you would like to fill a one or two hour time slot or know someone who would please let myself or Bob Scrabeck know. We appreciate all who would like to get involved! We see these events being an effective tool in helping unite the regional church as we worship Jesus together. Unified, corporate worship is powerful.

There are other regional worship events on the table and being considered. If you would like to have us help host a Unite Worship gathering in your area please feel free to let us know and we’ll see what can be arranged.

Thank you for the support you all give to this ministry.


Tim Nelson
Director Wilderness Prayer Center
Tim’s Cell 507-525-0349
Bob Scrabeck Cell 507-383-0756

*Note: We are borrowing the “Unite Worship Gathering” identifier from our friends at Nextgen Worship in Joplin, MO who have been so helpful in lending their support and encouragement to pursue this model of regional worship. Thank You Nextgen!