Monthly Archives: April 2016

Upcoming Wilderness Prayer Center Evening


We are excited for the upcoming meeting with Josh and Megan Edwards and worship team from the Twin Cities! They will be with us Friday night, April 29 at 7:00 p.m. We want to encourage youth leaders to consider inviting your youth out for this night. If you know Josh, you know the ability he has to relate with youth and young adults as well as the “youth challenged” crowd – as Josh has described us.

The fact is…we need each other. Young people need “fathers and mothers” who will mentor and disciple them. We, as the older folks, need the youth who truly encounter God and carry the Kingdom message and experience both now and in the days to come. What might happen when we bring the generations together to honor, serve, love, commit to one another? If we can link arms and hearts with the generations…..oh my. I know some youth – you do, too – who I see as giants in the Kingdom; they just don’t realize their greatness yet. Some might not even know God yet. But, when they encounter their Heavenly Father and then realize they are loved unconditionally, that God accepts them as they are, calls them beloved, calls them sons/daughters, the result will be an uncompromised individual who releases Kingdom life wherever they go.

Bring your youth. Whether they know God or not they will encounter Jesus at the Wilderness Prayer Center on April 29.


Tim Nelson
Director Wilderness Prayer Center
Tim’s Cell 507-525-0349