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Consider Him

It has been several months since we’ve sent out an update on happenings at the Wilderness Prayer Center. That being the case I’m happy to take this opportunity to bring you current with recent events.

We began the year in January by meeting in house with local people where we spent time in worship and sharing prophetic impressions people were receiving during the meeting. We then set a chair in the center of the room and I invited people to imagine Jesus sitting there as we drew our undivided attention to “see” His face and listen to what He might say to us. This became quite an intimate evening as Jesus encountered us in such personal ways.

In February we hosted Anthony Hulsebus of Dominion Ministries International in the Twin Cities for a Friday night and Saturday as he came and ministered in word and the prophetic. Many folks were impacted through Anthony’s ministry with some pursuing follow-up ministry with Anthony at his ministry base in Robbinsdale.

In March we welcomed Tom Stamman of Impact Ministries International back to the Wilderness for a night of ministry. Tom has become a trusted friend and we so appreciate him and his amazing ministry to orphans around the world. We will be hosting him again in 2015.

The last two months we’ve held in house meetings. Some of the people that come regularly tell me that these meetings, where we just come together to seek and wait on God are their favorite times. Often someone has a word or a picture that takes us in a particular direction. We’ll always pray over people who have needs for healing, provision, or who need a touch from God in some area of life. In April our focus was to remind people (by way of reading several prophetic words) and then pray into those words and visions that several people have had concerning our region of Minnesota and the outpouring that God has on His heart for southern Minnesota. We wanted to take an active role in responding to the words that have been released. We believe that we will be pursuing further meetings to gather intercessors from across the southern part of the state as we continue to pray over this region of Minnesota. At the recent May meeting we prayed over four young people who were at the meeting as we saw them representing the youth of the area. We prayed and declared awakening to be released in our area teens and twenty-somethings. These four individuals then prayed over some of us older adults for an extended time. We’re learning and practicing declaring prayers as we’ve come to have greater understanding of how Jesus sees us; that we are seated with Him in the heavenlies and are called “priests and kings” and we’re wanting to posture our hearts and prayers according to our identity in Christ.

Several from the Wilderness attended a statewide House Of Prayer retreat in Mankato recently. The Wilderness Prayer Center is on of several prayer ministries throughout the state of Minnesota that are very active. It is always encouraging to know that you are not alone and that many people are hearing the call to build houses of prayer across this state, nation and world.

We are needing to make some improvements to the building. Our hope is to have new windows installed shortly; that is a real need. You might also notice that the exterior paint is pretty bad and we would want to either paint or side the building soon.

We’ve talked some of having a resource room where people would have access to CD teachings from recent conferences, books, etc. to take home and then return when done. Individuals could volunteer materials they may have occupying space on a book shelf at home or in a CD drawer. If you are no longer making use of them we could make them available for others to use. We would use the honor system so that when people are done with them they’d be expected to be returned for someone else to use.

I’ll leave you with a recent “aha” from one of my morning devotional times. I was reading in Hebrews and in chapter 12:2-3a: it says “…fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. For consider Him….”

This prompted an immediate question in my mind…When the scripture says that Jesus endured the cross “for the joy” that was before Him….My question: Didn’t Jesus experience joy prior to the cross? Did He have to go through the cross to experience joy? Of course the answer is no. He had always known joy. Hebrews 1:9 says that Jesus knew joy more than anyone else. So, what was different or so inviting about the joy on the other side of the cross? The difference is that we are now involved and invited into the same fellowship that Jesus has always shared with the Father and Holy Spirit. Jesus saw you…and said it was worth it to Him to experience all that He experienced because He wanted you to be with Him! The difference was in you now having access to enter in along with Jesus to the fellowship with the Father and Holy Spirit. Let this truth rest on you today. Follow the admonition of Hebrews 12:3 and “consider Him” today. Think about His magnificent love, over-the-top grace and mercy and faithfulness towards you. Rest in His love today.


Tim Nelson
Director Wilderness Prayer Center
Tim’s cell 507-525-0349