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The Greater Reality

For those of you who have been receiving these newsletters in the past you know that I usually begin with some thoughts…just because. So, I was pondering something the other day that has intrigued me some. It has to do with so much negative news coming at us daily concerning the world we live in. We can get lost in the negativity! I once heard Kris Vallotton share a message titled “All truth is not created equal.” It had to do with the understanding that truth is to be viewed vertically rather than horizontally. Some truths are above other truths. The example that comes to mind most often for me is the passage in John where Jesus says “No longer do I call you servants but friends.” Are we still servants? Yes. However, there is now a higher level of truth that Jesus has revealed; that of friendship…we serve but the motivation is now as that of a friend. We see that truth builds upon truth. (I’d encourage you to get a copy of this message; talk to me if you’re interested.)

So, with that background I began to consider the days we are living in today and the thought that there can be “levels” of reality as well, one reality being dominant over or carrying greater “weight” than another. It can be easy to become discouraged with what we see as a disintegrating culture in America, wars around the world, nuclear threats, corruption in governments, etc. The fact is; that is one reality. There is another reality, however. The Kingdom of God is advancing, (Of the increase of His government there will be no end. Isaiah 9:7) and is being positioned to overtake the earth. The question then becomes; which kingdom are you primarily a citizen of? We are all citizens of earth, true. But, I would propose that as believers we are primarily citizens of the Kingdom of God (Philippians 3:20) and it’s from that paradigm that we are to view the issues of the world today. We have hope not because we think the election process will some day deliver us or that some law will usher in societal changes that bring lasting world peace and divine order, but because we are citizens of a Kingdom where hope is a primary DNA….because Jesus is the King!! When we allow ourselves to truly enter into this Kingdom mindset we experience rest rather than  strife, joy instead of despair, order/clarity as opposed to confusion, the celebrating of one another vs. manipulation and jealousy, etc.  The “greater reality” is that the Kingdom of God trumps the kingdoms of this world. The governments of man can not stand as the Kingdom of God marches on to the day when “The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the seas.” Habakkuk 2:14. This is the Word of God and it will prevail. Have hope today. You are in Christ, in the Kingdom of God, citizens of a “greater” reality than the “temporal” reality you see around you. Rejoice in that!

Briefly, the last 2 months we have had Dale Gilmore, director of the Minnesota House of Prayer network come share at the Wilderness and then just last month we heard wonderful testimonies from Cindy Dull and her daughter Angie Bernik from Mankato. Both Cindy and Angie have ongoing stories of how God has redeemed them from much and are now passionately in love with Jesus. Dale shared some of the revival history stories of Minnesota and encouraged us in that he was aware of 12-13 groups across the state of Minnesota that were holding regular meetings of worship/prayer combined. There are many more prayer groups beyond these that meet regularly, of course, and ministries functioning for the purpose of prayer. He encouraged us to keep going!

We will not be meeting this month on Friday night, December 27. And, we will not be having Tuesday night prayers meeting on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve. We will resume our Tuesday night meetings on January 7. The Friday night meeting on January 31 will be a worship focus. A night of worship was suggested and we felt it would be appropriate to give Jesus first place in the New Year and set aside the first Friday night meeting just to worship Him. Looking ahead, Anthony Hulsebus from the Twin Cities will be coming on February 28 – March 1. Then, on March 28 Tom Stamman will be with us as we had to re-schedule him after the initial November date didn’t work out.

A prayer request for us would be to find someone to install 4 windows in the upstairs of the building. We have had the replacement windows on site since last fall and are just waiting on a carpenter to come install them. Yes, we would pay you…J

Also, please pray that we would faithfully walk in step with the Spirit of God at all times. It’s our desire to host the Presence of God well in all we do and to respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit both in prayer and in all meetings held here. We believe in the unique calling of this prayer center to not only serve the ministry of YFC but to serve as a prayer hub for the entire region.

How about you? Is your heart stirred to set aside one night a week to come and gather with other believers in prayer and ministering to the Lord in worship? I’d invite you to make that possibility a prayer focus for yourself. Perhaps even as we approach a new year you’ve been hearing the voice of God calling, inviting.  We meet every Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m.  And, you are welcome!

Thank you to all who faithfully support this ministry! We so appreciate each of you. Most of all we are so honored that God has invited each one of us to relationship with Him and that He came up with the idea of prayer to facilitate  amazing adventures with Him. He’s truly magnificent!

God Bless you all. Merry Christmas!

Tim Nelson
Director Wilderness Prayer Center
Tim’s Cell 507-525-0349