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A Call to Prayer

I had the opportunity recently to attend a regional prayer summit in Mankato, MN. How many do you think would turn out for a gathering where prayer is the primary topic? I have to admit that I was surprised when I showed up for the first evening and the place was almost full as nearly 700 people had registered. I would dare say that 10 years ago the turnout would not have been 700; maybe closer to 70, if that. So, what is the reason that prayer has become such a passion for people? The Holy Spirit is calling people to pray and believers are hearing and responding. As I’ve been reminded both at the prayer summit and also through other voices; one of the primary reasons for this acceleration in prayer activity around the globe is because the Lord desires relationship with His people, the church, His bride. But, why now? What is so significant about this time we’re living in that the Lord would extend a universal call to the church that would result in an unprecedented response of saying “yes” to prayer? Maybe asking a few questions at this point would be of help. For example…What if our place in prayer is not so much about asking, pleading or begging God to do something but rather primarily about us drawing close to our Father so that we are trained up in hearing His voice, coming to a place of more fully knowing His heart…and His ways. What if it’s about friendship with God? What if the focus is not so much, “Lord, this is what we need”…. but rather, “Lord, what are You doing? What do You see in this situation? What do You want us to hear?  How can we agree with You regarding the matters on Your heart?” And, how about this? What if this truly is a significant season on God’s calendar whereby He is preparing us to move with Him into new territory…a new age perhaps? What if our Father knows that for us to make that transition we really need to hear His voice and that it is critical we hear Him well? (Our good friend, Mark Hendrickson, has written about this very topic). This perspective is freeing to me. The emphasis shifts from what or how much we do – even in prayer – and places us in a place of resting in God, hearing His voice and responding to it. Now it becomes mostly about spending time with and getting to know God as our inner man recognizes a “change in the wind” concerning the season of time we are living in. It’s about coming away to be with our Father. It’s about union with the God of the universe. In His presence there is no lack, no anxiousness, no fear. Any “striving” now is according to Hebrews 4:11 where we are encouraged to “strive” or “be diligent” in entering His rest.

Upcoming at the Wilderness: First, I want to thank John Frerichs and Charles and Karen Johnsrud for leading the meeting on August 30. Vicky and I were away that night and these folks stepped up and really blessed us.

In June we hosted Mikhael Murnane, Messianic Jewish pastor from Jerusalem. Please pray for Mikhael and his family as they live every day in the middle of uncertainty in Israel. In July we welcomed Ryan Hawley from the Jonathan House in Rochester as he was with us to minister over a 2 day period. Both of these meetings were very rich; many were greatly blessed!

On our next Friday night meeting – September 27 – we will be having Mary Adriano from Kansas City with us. Mary has a resume as a writer, is a student of the Hebrew scriptures, is involved in film making in Kansas City, is a mother of 5, grandmother of 8, wife of 45 years and seeks to be led by the Spirit rather than tradition when it comes to spiritual matters. The month of September is a special time for the Jews as they recognize and celebrate the Jewish New Year. The Feast of Tabernacles is observed September 20-27 this year; Mary might have some thoughts on that as well.

On October 8 Mark and Deb Hendrickson will be here for our Tuesday night prayer meeting. I’ve asked Mark to share some things that evening. I heard him share a message at Destiny Church in Rochester last spring and it was good enough that I wanted to have him share it with our folks! Anyone is welcome to come. I know it’s October – harvesting – Tuesday night etc. We take em when we can get em! We meet at 7:00 p.m.

For our Friday night meeting on October 25 we’ll be holding an “in house” meeting. And then on November 29 we are having Tom Stamman for a return visit. There will be no Friday night meeting in December.

We also meet every Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. and you certainly have a standing invitation to join us for worship/prayer those evenings. We’d love to have you come.

That’s a quick outline for the scheduled meetings the rest of this year. We hope you can make it to some of them.

We still have some work to do on the building. New windows are on sight and will be installed soon. They are very necessary as the upstairs windows are in very tough shape and need to be replaced. Other updates to the exterior of the building will have to wait until next year. We have some siding issues and the west wall needs paint pretty soon.

Thank you to all who have blessed the Wilderness Prayer Center financially. We are so amazed at how God provides the resources needed to do what He calls us to do.

We pray He blesses you all a lot!

Tim Nelson
Director Wilderness Prayer Center
Tims Cell 507-525-0349