Monthly Archives: January 2013

A Year of Blessing


It has been a year of blessing at the Wilderness Prayer Center. We have hosted anointed guests who have released the Word of the Lord and ministered over people in prayer and prophecy. We have encountered God in our Tuesday night prayer meetings as well as our Friday night meetings. We hosted a National Day of Prayer gathering in May. We have seen the beginning of bi-weekly “prayer cycles” where volunteers come and pray for an hour on a continual basis. We have also seen the start of youth worship nights (3 have been held to date) with the plan to meet once a month beginning on Saturday night January 19 this coming month.

In addition, God has provided financially in amazing fashion. We rarely mention financial needs and yet people have given freely so that we have no outstanding bills. We have been able to bless those who have come to minister with financial provision as well. God has been faithful….and very good.

I believe God has been unveiling truth to our hearts at an accelerated pace. We have become so much more aware over the past few months/years of who we are “in Christ” and who He has called and anointed us to be as His sons. As this has taken place we have recognized the invitation to assume prayer postures that would elevate us from continual asking/pleading prayers to more authoritative and declarative prayer. Along this journey of transformation we have been increasingly amazed at the goodness of God and His amazing grace in His plan of “redemption unto reigning” that He provides for His beloved sons. Truly, our God is an awesome God!

Beginning January 8 as a part of our Tuesday night prayer meetings we will be listening to a CD series by Randall Worley on “The Mystery of Christ In You”. This is a teaching that was given to me by some friends. It is so good! It will change the way you think and will, again, lead to a shift in the way we approach God in prayer.  Bill Johnson has called Randall Worley “the greatest Bible teacher he knows”. That’s pretty lofty stuff coming from B.J. So, consider marking your calendars and join us on January 8 at 7:00 p.m.

I would like to make you aware of our upcoming schedule over Christmas and the New Year. We will not be holding our monthly Friday night meeting this month that would normally be held December 28. We will not be meeting either December 25 or January 1 for our normal Tuesday night prayer meetings.  We will resume our normal schedule on Tuesday night January 8 at 7:00 p.m. and then continue with our Friday night meetings on January 25. So, the next Friday night Worship in the Wilderness meeting will be held on January 25 at 7:00 p.m.

Housekeeping item: We have purchased 4 new windows to be installed soon for the upstairs rooms. We were given an amazing price from Lindsay Windows in Mankato. This will complete the replacing of all windows in the building.

Finally, to share a practical need; if anyone has a desire to help out with cleaning the building please let me know. We could use someone to come and clean – dusting, vacuuming, windows, etc. maybe once a month. This would be a real help and we’d be very grateful.

God bless you this Christmas season.

Tim Nelson
Director Wilderness Prayer Center
Tim’s Cell #507-525-0349