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An Intriguing Prayer Model

I’d be curious to see what you think of this prayer model drawn from the following passage:

In 1 John 5:14-15 we read, “And this is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 15) And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests which we have asked from Him.”

As I read these verses I had the following prayer progression come to mind…. It seems that we begin with petition – asking God for something that we know to be according to His desire. For example, we know that God’s desire is for His Kingdom to be established on earth as it is in heaven; Jesus instructed us to pray for that. So, we ask God for His Kingdom to be established by way of petition. Next, we start to confess it – profess it. Our hearts maybe don’t really understand or have the faith initially to lay hold of this reality but we are professing something by faith. (As I’ve experimented with this type of progression thankfulness seems to naturally be a part of this step and the following steps) Next we move from profession to proclamation. The difference between profession and proclamation is that our hearts are engaging with the conviction that this is truly a reality that God will deliver on. As we’ve been confessing it (or we can say professing….starts with p…J) we naturally begin to believe what we’re professing and our hearts come alive with the conviction that this is truly happening! Now we see ourselves as God sees us – seated with Christ in the heavenlies – and we proclaim/declare what we initially began asking for.  Begin by asking, then professing, then proclaiming. The fourth step is praise. By now our hearts and mind are absolutely convinced of the goodness of God to respond to our hearts cry since our own heart has moved into right alignment with His in this. It is a done deal even if we have not seen the full manifestation of it on earth. We just move into a posture of praise as we know that it has been settled in heaven. My sense is that each step is ordered by the Spirit. But, I’m thinking (Tims’ theology maybe) that the asking part is probably a one time thing.  We move through the other dimensions according to our own hearts’ response and our ability to carry faith to move us to the next level. So, there you go: Petition, Profession, Proclamation, Praise. Intriguing??

In April we hosted Mark and Deb Hendrickson for 2 nights of meetings at the Wilderness. The Presence of the Lord was sweet in worship and Mark shared on a couple different topics including supernatural provision and our identity in Christ as well as ministering prophetically. They were wonderful nights of fellowship.

On May 3rd we hosted a National Day of Prayer meeting as we gathered to pray over our nation and minister to the Lord in worship. Again, the Presence of the Lord was evident and people engaged in prayer freely.

On May 25 we held our monthly Friday night meeting with several guests from the Twin Cities including Josh Edwards, Anthony Hulsebus, Brad Penner, Heather Deters and Jeff and Trish Vogelsang. Jeff is originally from Wells and Josh from Albert Lea. This meeting was powerful in every sense from the moment these guys showed up and immediately began worshiping, interceding and declaring things over the meeting. Once the meeting started we just continued the flow. Josh shared some amazing things by way of dreams that he has had concerning the southern MN region, all of which have been confirmed in ways that only God can do. There were powerful prayers, declarations and prophetic words released. It was truly a remarkable night.

Then, on Tuesday nights we have seen the Lord ramping things up as well. The number of people attending is growing and the depth of our prayer/worship is growing. It’s exciting to see how growth is happening as the Spirit moves us into new dimensions of His Presence and, I believe, His anointing for prayer. People will say the reason they are there is that God has called them to be a part of these meetings. How about you? Has the Lord been tugging at your heart to come and see what these meetings are all about? If so, I’d encourage you to respond to His voice, see what the Lord may have for you and engage with us in praying for, ultimately, His Kingdom to be manifest on earth as it is in heaven. Meeting time is 7:00 p.m. every Tuesday night.

Another prayer opportunity is to join us in our prayer cycles. Every other Tuesday we have people coming for 1 hour blocks of time and we schedule consecutively so that prayer is unbroken for as long as we have people to come pray. Let us know if you would like to be included in these prayer blocks.

Coming up in June we have Mikhael Murnane coming to be with us for 3 nights and one afternoon of meetings the weekend of June 22-24. Mikhael is a Messianic Jewish pastor from Jerusalem who is visiting the upper Midwest for a few weeks. We’ve been in contact with him for several months concerning the possibility of him coming to share with us while he is in the states and it has worked out for him to come that weekend. He will be speaking each night at 7:00 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday and also Saturday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. Also on Saturday afternoon at 5:00 we are serving a meal for anyone to come and be with us and visit with Mikhael and his daughter, Oriyah, who will be accompanying him on this trip. Mikhael will be speaking on a number of things including updating us on the current situation in Israel, prophecy, Hebrew roots, Jewish feasts, Pentecost and its’ parallels in Old and New Testament, etc. It should be a fascinating weekend. Please consider coming and inviting a friend or two.

As always we want to thank you for remembering us in your giving. We are looking at completing the replacing of windows – this time the upper level rooms. We are also in the process of having bunk beds built for those rooms. Before long we’ll be able to house folks overnight pretty comfortably for retreats and/or gatherings that require an overnight stay. Our hope is that the upper level can be completed yet this year.

We believe God is moving in our area as well as around the world. These prayer centers are evidence of His intention to release a great awakening and the fact that we have a prayer center locally points to the understanding that He will not pass us by. You have the opportunity to come and be a part of this as we pray and believe God for His Spirit to move in our churches, ministries, schools, communities, families, businesses.

Amen, Come Holy Spirit.



Tim Nelson

Director Wilderness Prayer Center

Tims’ Cell: 507-525-0349


I should mention that we have video copies of the meetings with Mark and Deb as well as the May 25 meeting with Josh and friends. We recorded everything except the Friday night worship with Hendricksons. (Boo – it was extremely powerful too! Wish we would have taped it. But, we learned we just need to keep the video running because we don’t know how/when the Holy Spirit may move) These video recordings are yours for the asking. No charge. Donation on your part is optional.