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The Mind of Christ

I was meditating on the scripture passage this morning that says, “We have the mind of Christ.” (1 Corinthians 2:16) As I was thinking on this and the implications of what this means I had another thought come….”You also have a treadmill”. I thought that seemed pretty interesting and I realized that idea didn’t come from my natural mind. What was the point? I knew immediately. It’s true that those of us who have been born again and come into a living relationship with Jesus have the mind of Christ. It’s also true that I have a treadmill. The treadmill does me no good unless I get on it and use it. I felt like the Lord was saying the fact that I, as a believer, have the mind of Christ is only partial fulfillment of actually living with the mind of Christ engaged. Coming into relationship with Jesus and receiving the mind of Christ from the Spirit gives us an option – we can learn to function differently by exercising the mind of Christ which we now have available to us – or we can continue to live being led by our carnal, natural mind. It becomes a choice for us. Many Christians today live frustrated. They wrestle with things they probably don’t need to be wrestling with and sometimes I’m seeing that it comes down to the fact that they are still trying to live a sanctified faith walk but approaching it from a place of reasoning with their natural mind. The day we are living in and the season of difficulty coming upon the world will not allow us to continue functioning from a place of human reason. We must learn to walk out our faith journey with the mind of Christ fully functioning. Let’s pick it up off the shelf (or wherever we may have placed it) and learn to think with it! For many we haven’t even taken it out of the box and don’t know what it really looks like or how it works! Like the shiny new treadmill that looks so inviting in the store but somehow gets neglected at home we put it aside where we won’t be reminded that we’re not using it and go about our daily lives thinking there must be more to Spirit-led living than this! And, like the treadmill, once we start using it the adrenaline begins to flow and we realize this is a good thing. So it is with actually exercising the mind of Christ. What do think about that? (Try using the mind of Christ as you respond….-)” So much more could be said about this……

We’ve begun with the prayer cycles at the Wilderness. We are currently alternating between Monday and Tuesday each week and have been seeing volunteers come and cover anywhere from 6 to 7 hours each day. We have been beginning at 3:00 in the afternoon and going until about 10:00 in the evening. So, one day a week we have someone praying on site for that amount of time. I don’t know how to say this without you feeling like I’m really twisting your arm but you should really get involved! I’m truly not saying that to just add numbers and build up the prayer momentum, although that would be reason enough. But, there is something about coming aside, focusing only on the Lord, allowing yourself to be inconvenienced to the point of driving a distance and then entering into the afterglow from the previous person who was there…. I tell you the Lord sees the sacrifice made as we tag team in prayer in this way. He meets us in that place and we end up encouraged and strengthened in our spirit. We can add anyone and everyone and will find a time slot that works for you. Come alone or come with someone. Should you feel drawn to participate you can e-mail myself or Bob Scrabeck.  Bob has been handling the scheduling for us. At some point we may look at coming together on a weekend or evening to rally the troops and assess how things are going, fine tune our objectives and share thoughts/ideas about any improvements or adjustments that could be made to enhance the prayer effectiveness. I’m excited about the potential of this prayer initiative as we join together in interceding for the things the Lord lays before us and as we learn how to really enjoy our time with Jesus in the prayer room(s). This is more than just a regional expression; we are joining the body of Christ around the world in praying for His Kingdom to come to earth as it is in heaven. Consider yourself invited to join the local army. I love what Lou Engle and the folks from The Call Detroit used as a rallying cry to those attending the day of prayer there. ”No cost, just sacrifice

Each Tuesday night we continue to meet for prayer and worship at 7:00 p.m. We’d love to have you come! Just show up, stay as long as you like.

The last Friday of each month we have been meeting as well. Each meeting is unique – some larger than others in number. Each meeting has value. Many have visible impact. We meet at 7:00 and go until people go home. We call it “Worship In The Wilderness”. We think the Lord calls it “good”.

Thank you for remembering us both in prayer and in giving. Any finances we receive come from donations. And, this prayer center covets your prayers, too!


Tim Nelson
Director Wilderness Prayer Center

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