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It’s a scriptural principle, and one we’ve probably observed in life as well, that “a little leaven leavens the whole lump”. (1 Cor.5:6, Gal.5:9  “Leaven” is used in both negative and positive applications in scripture)  For example, it doesn’t take much for most spices to noticeably alter the flavor in a prepared menu item. The flavor spreads throughout and has significant effect even though it is not something we can see in the finished product. So it is with prayer. Beloved, we can have huge impact through unified, faith-filled prayer over this region. One of the keys as we continue to learn how to pray, (Lord, teach us to pray) is discovering what the heart of the Spirit is. We read in Romans 8:26-27, “In the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words; and He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.” As we wait, listen and then respond to the Spirits’ moving in our hearts we can pray with confidence, knowing that we’re only praying what is already on the Lords’ heart.

It has been a growing desire for me, personally, to see our prayer focuses become increasingly honoring to other ministries, churches, cities, businesses, schools, families, etc. In other words, that we would find ourselves in a position of earnestly desiring blessing and favor to be released in a greater way over others where we may not have direct benefit from their blessing. So, for example, how about praying increase over that business that could be seen as a competitor? Or how about praying increased blessing over the farmer across the section who just rented some land from you? (OuchJ) What about praying for God’s increased Presence for the church on the other side of town? I’m wanting to learn to pray more “unconventionally”. I believe that might be the result if we truly take the time to listen for what the heart of the Spirit is telling us before we enter into intercession. We believe that God supplies our every need. So, maybe we can learn something as we turn our focus to others and watch our hearts expand in unexplainable desire for their good. We don’t abandon prayer practices that have served well. We just “explore” a bit more in areas we maybe haven’t gone before. Let the adventure begin!
Moving on….To give a quick recap of the last couple meetings: On September 25 we had Noel Johnson come share with about 40 youth and 30 or more adults. Noel shared his story of encountering God as a teenager, drifting far from Him and then coming back into relationship with Him a little over 3 years ago. Today he is part of Youth With A Mission and has spent time overseas in ministry as well as in Hawaii and California. At least one young teenager gave his heart to Jesus that night. Many others received prayer ministry.

Then Friday night, September 30, Tom Stamman of Impact Ministries came and ministered in teaching, sharing some of the work Impact does in other countries as they now feed about 5000 orphans each month and also releasing prophetic words over most everyone there. Many were touched and at least two came to Christ. So, the meetings have proved to be fruitful.

Tuesday night we continue to meet regularly at 7:00 p.m. as we worship and pray together. These meetings are also quite significant for those of us attending. We would be glad to have many more come and join us. Let’s learn to explore and discover together the joys, excitement and power yet to be tapped from launching out into “unconventional” prayer, releasing blessing on those who we may consider the least likely targets for God’s favor.

We have heard from several who would be interested in making a commitment to come and pray at the Wilderness once a week for at least 30 minutes. Our vision is to see a block(s) of continuous prayer each week. I am not sure when we may get this launched but it is on our heart and we intend to proceed as soon as we can. My appeal for each one is that you’d prayerfully consider if God might be directing you to become involved in this prayer initiative. Please contact me with your interest and we’ll add you to the growing list of enlistees. (See Directors blog “Opportunity” from July 28 at for more detail and a bit more clarification of intent)

I would also like to make you aware of a significant financial need. We have a wonderful facility to meet in that is much more efficient than previous. We have installed 20+ new windows, 3 new furnaces as well as air conditioning, new carpet upstairs and stairways, insulated the entire attic and walls, paint, kitchen appliances, removal of basement carpet and cleaned up tile floor, new shingles and some roof boards on south side of building, granitecrete flooring in SE entry as well as outside east entrance, etc. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things. But, at this point we need approximately $7500 to finish paying off some of these improvements. In addition we could also use some help with the filling of our L.P. tank for winter. It’s about 15-20% full now. Any contributions would be very much appreciated. We thank you for your consideration.

We believe God has much in His heart for this region of southern MN and northern Iowa. We believe unified, believing prayer from the body of Christ in this area has the potential to break this region open to the advancement of the Kingdom of God to degrees beyond what we’ve ever thought or imagined. The corporate body of Christ coming together in an atmosphere of 1) Valuing, honoring the Presence of God and 2) Honoring each other – preferring one another in love, will have tremendous impact. So, this might be a prayer center, but it is to be more than that. Prayer is central – like the boiler room or engine room on a ship. We see the potential for much, much more.

Blessings in abundance,

Tim Nelson
Director Wilderness Prayer Center

Cell # 507-525-0349