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Secure in God’s Goodness


I am writing this morning with a fire inside me!  There is real expectation for what God is doing and about to do in His church in our corner of the world!  Friends, we need to be aware and alive to the reality of who we are in Christ!  We need a fresh revelation of the goodness of God that would allow our faith to soar from that foundation!

Circumstances in our lives shift and change.  There is ebb and flow for everyone, and if we’re not secure in His goodness, we tend to move with our circumstances.  I want to encourage you today to see His goodness!  See His heart for you, His child.  Know that He is for you and will never abandon you!  Trust Him!  He is truly worthy of our trust!

We pray blessings over you and your families.

Tim Nelson
Director, Wilderness Prayer Center
Tim’s cell 507-525-0349

Changing Things Up

Hi Friends,

“If you abide in My word and My word you are truly My disciples and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Jesus…John 8:31-32.

“If the truth has not set you free maybe there’s a higher truth that you need to discover in Jesus.”  Graham Cooke

I am discovering more and more the reality of these statements…..that of coming into an ever expanding awareness of truth and experiencing the freedom that it brings. Jesus said it best; Graham didn’t do too bad with his comment either. We’ve been told that the Gospel is “good news”. It really is. But, I wonder how many of us really understand just how good good is!
Many of you are aware that we are changing things up a little bit at the Prayer Center, at least for now. We have gone away from the Friday night meetings until April. However, beginning on Saturday, February 17th we will be hosting Rod Marquette and Les Homan from Destiny Church in Rochester to share and teach on some subjects that are being emphasized in the church today. Some of the content may include: Identity (this is a big one), Grace vs Law, The Languages of God, Core Values, Prophets and Prophecy, Immanuel Journaling, etc. We will select a topic for each time that we meet so you’ll have some understanding prior to each meeting as to what to expect.
You may wonder, “why?” I remember Mike Bickle making a comment several years ago while at a conference in Kansas City where he said something to the effect that in his journey with God he is understanding and experiencing more and more of God yet at the same time it somehow felt like he was only just putting his big toe in an ocean. I remember thinking at the time, “That’s an exaggeration.” Not so much now….Rather, I don’t think one can ever even imagine all there is to know and experience in God. As the Holy Spirit continues to unveil the depths and mysteries of God and release these nuggets to the body of Christ we experience the life and freedom that Jesus spoke about. I feel like these revelations are so life giving! As I encounter Truth, that Truth releases life on the inside and freedom comes along in tandem.
I would invite you to consider coming on Saturday, February 17th. The schedule is below. Initially we’re looking at hosting these meetings maybe once a month. Each week would be a different focus. We’ll begin with a light lunch/breakfast and end with a noon lunch. You are free to stick around as long as you like. There may be questions/comments related to the content and we would like to leave time for that as well. Les and Rod have offered to come and serve in this way. I think you’ll enjoy them a lot.
We continue to meet weekly on Tuesday nights at 7:00 p.m. Please know you’re welcome to come any time or let me know if you have special requests and we’ll remember to pray for you.
Thank you for remembering us in your financial giving. We do need to catch up a bit.


Tim Nelson
Director Wilderness Prayer Center
Tim’s Cell 507-525-0349

The schedule for Saturday, February 17th at WPC

Topic: “Grace vs Law”…taught by Rod Marquette
This will be excellent! Very Insightful! Rod taught this a couple years ago. For me, hearing it again is good! For those who haven’t heard – you’ll love this.

9:30      Light Breakfast
10:00   Meeting begins
12:00   Noon Lunch

*Free will offering for the lunches will be received.
*Please notify me either by cell text/call or email if you think you’ll be coming so we can plan food.


A Watering Hole


As I reflect back over the years since the Wilderness Prayer Center began hosting prayer meetings in the former “Rice Lake Methodist Church” I believe one thing that might be said about this particular ministry is that it has been steady. Almost every Tuesday night for over 10 years now we have met to pray, worship, share, minister together. Numbers have varied – for the most part have not been large; but we’ve been consistent in meeting and covering YFC and this region in prayer. We would invite anyone who is even a little bit interested to come and meet with us. We would love to have you.

The Wilderness Prayer Center is a prayer ministry, a ministry of Southern Minnesota Youth For Christ. However, we have seen God shape this as more than a prayer ministry in unique ways. For 6-7 years we’ve had end of month Friday night meetings on most months. We’ve had guests from various places throughout both Minnesota and Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas City, Joplin MO, Colorado Springs…(WorshipMob), Israel, California, Middle East and probably more that don’t immediately come to mind. We’ve been told these meetings are like a “watering hole” for hungry saints who simply want to encounter God in deep and meaningful ways. These gatherings are not scripted; but God has never failed to meet us in beautiful times of encounter and refreshing. One of the fruits of these meetings has been the relationships that have developed with believers throughout the region and also with those who have come to be with us. I see God doing a work of knitting hearts together with others of like mind who are entering into relationships of affection and trust. Together we are encouraged in taking steps of faith and reaching for more of God. There is more. There is always more.

Have you ever felt like you’ve “maxed out” in your relationship with God? Have you felt like you have been coasting, maybe drying up spiritually? Psalm 133 says that when we dwell together in unity God commands the blessing. What is that blessing? The blessing according to Psalm 133 is life. When we give ourselves to intentionally pursuing more of God He rewards us with Himself. There is no greater reward.

Through this past spring and summer we’ve had the privilege of hosting a 7 hour time of worship on April 1, Todd Finney along with Adam Humburg and Nathanael White in both April and August, Dave and Patty Lage were with us in both April and June, Mikhael and Oriel Murnane were with us in June and more recently Cory Carlson and Barry Thompson were here in September. In addition we partnered with the Regional Worship Center for a prayer gathering on June 23 and we hosted a night of worship for “The Better Way – Five Sisters Project” on September 15th. Finally, a few of us had the opportunity to meet up with some from WorshipMob in the Twin Cities on June 20.

This coming October 27th Beth Crosby will be sharing her experiences along with photos from her recent trip to Israel. I believe she will be leading worship along with some from Our Fathers House in Albert Lea. On November 24th Tom Stamman will be with us again. There will be no Friday night meeting in December. All meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

God is moving in our region, folks. We’ve seen Him move, touching lives throughout the various YFC ministries. We want to be those who intercede for the work God is doing in this region in YFC but also to be those who stand with the church at large throughout southern Minnesota and northern Iowa.

Thank you for supporting us in prayer and in offerings of time and resources. To donate to the Wilderness Prayer Center you can make your check payable to “Youth For Christ” and on the memo line write “Wilderness Prayer Center”. You can mail it to:

South Central Minnesota Youth For Christ
116 West Clark Street
Albert Lea, MN 56007

God Bless you!

Tim Nelson
Director Wilderness Prayer Center
Tim’s Cell 507-525-0349

What If, God?

Dear Friends,

I need to make you aware of a financial need we have at the Wilderness Prayer Center. Since last summer our finances have become an issue for us. We are currently $4000 in the red. Our annual budget is $17,000, very small for a building this size. Our budget breakdown consists of utilities, insurance, upkeep/repair and administrative costs. No one receives a salary as all those serving are volunteering. I have not wanted to write this letter. However, it is time to make this need known to those of you who have been a part of this ministry in recent years. Thank you for any help you might be able to offer. We are still looking at improvements to the exterior of the building. The siding is in tough shape and will either need to be patched or replaced whenever funds become available. More than just paint is needed as some of the siding is rotting.

In January we had Dave and Patty Lage from Holy Spirit Led Ministries in Ankeny, Iowa with us. They taught and shared powerful testimonies in the area of healing, stirring up those in attendance to step out and exercise the authority we’ve been granted in Christ in the area of healing. Many received prayer for healing as well as other needs.

Lately, my heart has been stirred with questions…. things like, “What if, God?” What if we would truly access the deep places in God? What if we, as God’s people acted like we believed what we claim to believe? What if we really expected God to do the impossible? What if we truly recognized the authority that we carry as sons and daughters of God? What if we felt the heart beat of God to draw us near to Him and experience Him as our Friend…. our Father, and we responded to Him from a place of expectancy? What if we really were convinced that His promises are forever true and that they are for each of us? You know…. the all things work together for good  kind of promise that plants hope deep in our spirits. I am believing that the body of Christ can and must serve to stir one another up in faith and courage to take steps beyond what we might often take alone. This is a primary purpose in meeting as we do.

In March/April we are planning on hosting a Unite Worship* gathering beginning Friday night, March 31 or Saturday morning April 1. We will let you know start time. It depends on how many teams will be able to come fill time slots. This is continuous worship for anywhere from 12-24 hours incorporating local worship teams/leaders from the area. If you would like to fill a one or two hour time slot or know someone who would please let myself or Bob Scrabeck know. We appreciate all who would like to get involved! We see these events being an effective tool in helping unite the regional church as we worship Jesus together. Unified, corporate worship is powerful.

There are other regional worship events on the table and being considered. If you would like to have us help host a Unite Worship gathering in your area please feel free to let us know and we’ll see what can be arranged.

Thank you for the support you all give to this ministry.


Tim Nelson
Director Wilderness Prayer Center
Tim’s Cell 507-525-0349
Bob Scrabeck Cell 507-383-0756

*Note: We are borrowing the “Unite Worship Gathering” identifier from our friends at Nextgen Worship in Joplin, MO who have been so helpful in lending their support and encouragement to pursue this model of regional worship. Thank You Nextgen!



Prayer and Healing

Hi friends,

On Friday night, January 27 we are hosting Dave and Patty Lage from Holy Spirit Led Ministries in Ankeny, Iowa. Their website:  Dave and Patty have ministered in both prophetic and healing areas for a number of years. If you need healing of any manner you should come to this meeting with the Lage’s. They have seen hundreds of people healed.

We met Dave and Patty a couple months ago as they were in our area and came to a Tuesday night meeting at the prayer center. We had a great time with them….the Lord touched folks. So, 7:00 Friday night, January 27. Wilderness Prayer Center…See you there.


Tim Nelson
Director Wilderness Prayer Center
Tim’s Cell 507-525-0349

The Kingdom of God Advances …

Hi all,

Praise God! The Kingdom of God continues to advance! As sons and daughters of God we are invited – in fact we are chosen to carry not only the message of the Kingdom but the Presence of the King wherever we go! There is no greater honor than to represent Jesus in the earth today. Through prayer, worship, testimony, meeting together and encouraging the body of Christ we have the privilege of responding to the directive of Jesus to love one another even as He has loved us.

There is much to share in this newsletter so I’ll get right to it…

Beginning Friday night, July 29 at 6:00 p.m. we have the team from Nextgen Worship in Joplin, MO coming to lead us in a 2 hour worship set as we begin a time of 24 hour worship at the Wilderness. We will continue on until 6:00 Saturday night as area worship leaders and teams fill one to two hour time slots allowing the worship to continue unbroken. People are invited to come and go as you please; regardless of what time you show up during that period of time there will be worship happening. At 6:00 Saturday night, July 30 Nextgen will come back and share what God has been doing in their region of SW Missouri with monthly 24 hour worship events that have been happening for over a year now. We will have a time of praying over our region and we’ll pray over their team and region as well. This 24 worship is something new for us. If you know of those who would want to get involved in this worship experience please contact Bob Scrabeck who is handling the scheduling of teams. His number is 507-383-0756 or email him at

Following our weekend with Nextgen we are hosting Mikhael and Orit Murnane who are from Jerusalem, Israel on Tuesday and Wednesday night,  August 2nd and 3rd at 7:00 p.m.  Orit will be sharing her testimony and telling of current events in Israel today. Mikhael and Orit will be sharing together as well.

So, we have some wonderful meetings to look forward to in the next few weeks!

We have now installed carpet in the upstairs to largely complete the refurbishing on the inside of the building. Bunk beds are made, just need to be assembled and we’ll have overnight lodging available upstairs with two bedrooms set up. The cost for the carpet install is $2000. If you would like to help us with this project please refer to the address included in this letter.

We are also acquiring estimates to either paint/patch siding or replace siding on the building. This will be a large expense as well but it is getting pretty critical that we get these repairs done. Again, we will be needing funding help for this project.

The most frequent comment we hear from folks who have been in these meetings or, perhaps, are attending for the first time is about how they sense the Presence of God here. This is our desire, for people to encounter God. I am fully confident that you will encounter Him in these meetings upcoming. We aren’t interested in fluff; we want genuine connection with Father. We are intentional about hosting ministries that carry the Presence of God with them.

Thank you for your continued prayer support for this ministry. To contribute financially you may make your check out to “Youth for Christ”. Include “Wilderness Prayer Center” on the memo line and mail to:

South Central Minnesota Youth For Christ
116 W Clark Street
Albert Lea, MN 56007


Tim Nelson
Director Wilderness Prayer Center
Tim’s Cell 507-525-0349



That’s who you are, you know! There it is, in that simple word. This is what God expects from us! It’s not about doing. Just – be loved! Jesus has done the doing. We are the receivers of His love and grace. Any “doing” will flow naturally from our position and union with Him as His beloved.

Due to the Memorial Day weekend and several other conflicts we have decided to cancel the Friday night meeting on May 27. The next meeting will be Friday, June 24 with the Circuit Rider team from the Twin Cities….many from “The House” church. This team was a real blessing last year when they were with us. Under the banner “Bless Midwest” they have been called to travel around the state supporting, encouraging and speaking life into various ministries. These folks have such servant hearts, love God and love people. We’re super honored to have them back with us again! Please plan to be with us and tell your friends about it!

Then, the last weekend in July we are hosting the Nextgen team from SW Missouri, Joplin area. They were with us last November and they are the real deal! Daryl, Clint, Josh & Co. are really pioneering something special in that part of the country through united worship gatherings linking worship leaders/teams from various churches throughout the region. They will be with us Friday night, July 29 as we kick of 24 hours of non stop worship at the Wilderness. The following night, July 30 we will have Nextgen back to close out and share some of what’s happening in the Joplin region, speaking into our region of southern MN and northern Iowa. The 24 hours of worship is something new for us. Nextgen has been doing this monthly for over a year in their region. So, if you would like to be a part of the 24 hour worship time or know of worship leaders or teams that would be willing to come join in you can email Bob Scrabeck at as Bob is putting the schedule together.

Other upcoming: Mikhael Murnane will be here in early August – dates not finalized yet but it will be within the first two weeks.  Tom Stamman will be with us again on September 30.

There it is….the summer schedule as of now.

So, blessings to you and we’ll see you soon.

Tim Nelson
Director Wilderness Prayer Center
Tim’ Cell 507-525-0349

Circuit rider website:
Nextgen Worship website:
Mikhael Murnane:
Tom Stamman:

**We are installing carpet throughout the upstairs in June. Greg has had bunk beds made so we can house people overnight pretty comfortably soon.

Upcoming Wilderness Prayer Center Evening


We are excited for the upcoming meeting with Josh and Megan Edwards and worship team from the Twin Cities! They will be with us Friday night, April 29 at 7:00 p.m. We want to encourage youth leaders to consider inviting your youth out for this night. If you know Josh, you know the ability he has to relate with youth and young adults as well as the “youth challenged” crowd – as Josh has described us.

The fact is…we need each other. Young people need “fathers and mothers” who will mentor and disciple them. We, as the older folks, need the youth who truly encounter God and carry the Kingdom message and experience both now and in the days to come. What might happen when we bring the generations together to honor, serve, love, commit to one another? If we can link arms and hearts with the generations…..oh my. I know some youth – you do, too – who I see as giants in the Kingdom; they just don’t realize their greatness yet. Some might not even know God yet. But, when they encounter their Heavenly Father and then realize they are loved unconditionally, that God accepts them as they are, calls them beloved, calls them sons/daughters, the result will be an uncompromised individual who releases Kingdom life wherever they go.

Bring your youth. Whether they know God or not they will encounter Jesus at the Wilderness Prayer Center on April 29.


Tim Nelson
Director Wilderness Prayer Center
Tim’s Cell 507-525-0349

The Advancing Kingdom


The Kingdom of God is advancing. (Isaiah 9:7) It’s easy to see the troubles in the world and have fear grip our hearts. We all see what the enemy is doing. What if, when seeing the trouble we ask the question, “Lord, what is it You’re doing that causes the enemy to respond in this way?” I don’t see the enemy setting the agenda; rather I see the worlds’ troubles as a response to an advancing Kingdom. As the Kingdom of God is released (through you and me) the kingdom of darkness reacts. Many of you have heard the reports of thousands coming to Christ in the Middle East. Muslims and Jews alike are encountering Jesus as Messiah and being born again. The persecution these saints are facing is serving as fuel for awakening many to salvation. It’s like pouring gasoline on a fire. You think the enemy would learn that this approach has never worked in his favor. The global prayer movement is a catalyst in “clearing the air” for the spreading of the gospel. What a blessing to have a prayer center in our area!

For those of you who attended the WorshipMob weekend this summer I think you’d agree that it was an amazing time of worship with a truly excellent and anointed worship team from Colorado Springs. Garrett shared the story of his childhood and subsequent growing up years, testifying to the wonders of a God who is able to redeem any life regardless of what the issues might be. We have talked of bringing them back next summer. WorshipMob would love to return. We’re in the discussion phase currently; you might want to keep July 29-30 open.

Tom Stamman was at the Prayer Center on September 25, sharing and prophesying over every individual. If you have not experienced a meeting with Tom, you should really try and come next time. We had a great time as Tom shared the Word and also shared about the ministry to orphans going on in Honduras and close to 60 countries around the world. He’ll be back next year – September 30, 2016.

Upcoming events include our Friday night meeting this month on October 30 at 7:00 p.m. These meetings are geared towards encountering the heart of God in worship and moving with the Holy Spirit for the evening.

Then, we will meet again on November 20 at 7:00 p.m. (Note this is the 3rd Friday of the month – no meeting on the last Friday of November!)  For the November meeting we have a group of worship leaders from Joplin, MO coming! They are part of Nextgen Worship and led by Clint Kahler. From their website at

“Nextgen Worship is a movement committed to Jesus, committed to community and committed to seeing cities and regions transformed through the presence of God. Through worship God is shifting atmospheres all over the world. History has seen entire cities saved, economies supernaturally transformed, and sickness abolished. God is looking for the next generation of culture changers, those that host His presence so well that we become agents of His hope, healing, and redemption.

Our goal is simple; it’s all about connection….Connection with the presence of God, and connection with others.”

            Let me encourage you to please share this with your worship leaders and worship team people that you know – whether from church or groups you may be a part of. Clint has asked specifically that we spread the word among worship leaders/teams. We look forward to a powerful night of worship with Nextgen! Remember….Friday night November 20 with Nextgen!  This will be the last Friday night meeting for this year.

Finally, let me mention once again that we are offering the “Hearing the Voice of God” class beginning on November 3. For seven consecutive Tuesdays Rod Marquette and Les Homan from Destiny Church in Rochester will be coming to teach this class that was so impacting for all who attended last winter. Each class will begin at 7:00 p.m. and run for about 2 hours. The final night Destiny Church will bring a team of their people to come and will be offering prophetic words over each one who has taken the class. So, six weeks of training and then the seventh week we just receive prophetically from several of their people. This is such a powerful time with some amazingly wonderful people. If you can make this class you will not be disappointed! No charge, we set out an offering basket each week for travel expenses for Rod and Les, however.

We meet every Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. for worship and prayer together. Please come join us! As we approach the winter season you’ll want to call my cell before coming out if the weather is threatening on meeting nights. For Friday night meetings we will also have KJLY announce any changes.

Thank you to all who contribute financially to this ministry. All funds are received to help with administrative and building expenses. We will be looking to finish off the upstairs rooms so overnight accommodations will be available soon. Also, we have siding and paint issues that need to be addressed. Funds will be used towards those updates as well. Make your checks payable to “Youth For Christ” and mail to:

116 West Clark Street
Albert Lea, MN 56007

Be sure to include “Wilderness Prayer Center” on the memo line.

With eager expectation as the Kingdom of God advances!

Tim Nelson
Director Wilderness Prayer Center
Tim’s Cell 507-525-0349

What Does Mercy Look Like?

Dear friends in Christ,

Consider Psalm 23:6, “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” Here’s a question: What does mercy look like? I felt like the Lord showed me a picture of a guy at the fairgrounds or mall who comes around with his dustpan cleaning up litter. As I pondered that picture I was surprised to hear a friend share the exact same thought as the Lord apparently showed us both the same thing. Think of that picture often when you think you may have blown it too badly. His mercies are new every morning! (Lamentations 3:22-23) And remember that God makes everything new (Revelations 21:5) and He makes all things work together for good to those of us who love Him! (Romans 8:28) How’s that for good news today??

We have been blessed to have Rod Marquette, pastor at Destiny Church in Rochester, along with Les Homan sharing with us on Tuesday nights. They are presenting a seven week class on “Hearing the Voice of God”. We began on February 3rd and will continue into late March. We’ve been meeting for prayer at 6:15 pm and then follow that with the class at 7:00 pm.

Here is the upcoming schedule at Wilderness. On Friday night February 27th and Saturday morning February 28th we have Marjorie Cole coming to minister. Her website is  The focus for these meetings will be “Spiritual Foundations” and you can find that topic on her website to get a better understanding of what we’ll be looking at. We’ll begin Friday night at 7:00 pm and then Saturday we’ll provide a continental breakfast at 8:00 am and begin our session at 9:00 am. We will conclude by noon. Marjorie will then be available for individual counseling for a couple hours in the afternoon if anyone has interest. You can contact Marjorie through her website to set up a time. Talk to me if you have questions.

March 27th we have Mike Snitker coming to share and minister. Mike is from Waukon, Iowa. Many of you may remember his amazing story of receiving healing from MS several years ago. He and his wife, Julie, have continued to see amazing miracles in ministry and everyday life. You’ll want to come to this meeting for sure!

Then on April 24th Josh Edwards will be coming back to share, along with a few of his friends from the Twin Cities. Josh has a true heart for revival in Minnesota and the southern gate along I-90 and I-35 in particular. He’s a former YFC staff person in Albert Lea, an anointed worship leader passionately

Finally, we are busy preparing for our big summer event with WorshipMob to be held at Prairie River Camp. WorshipMob is a group of worship leaders/worshipers from Colorado Springs. They have recently signed with Integrity Music and will be releasing their first album in March. You can find close to 100 video recordings of their worship nights by going to You Tube and searching WorshipMob. The dates are Friday night, July 31 and Saturday August 1. Evening sessions will begin at 7:00 both nights and we’ll have a Saturday morning session at 10:00. The afternoon will be a mix with camp activities available as well as a Q/A/roundtable discussion with the WorshipMob team at Wilderness Prayer Center at 2:00 p.m. Friday night will be a youth focused night. The overriding message of the weekend will be the goodness of God.

Note: We need help with this event! If you can help us in any way please let us know! Areas of need include:

Registration/Information Booth
Set up
Clean up
Ushering/helpers during the event

 We are offering this as a free event with an offering to be received during the weekend to help with costs. Yes, there are significant costs involved in hosting WorshipMob. If you’d like to participate on the funding side please make checks out to Youth For Christ and put WorshipMob in the memo. You can then mail to Youth For Christ in Albert Lea (116 West Clark Street, Albert Lea, MN 56007).

I will close with a big “Thank You” to those who have helped us financially over the years. All donations go to supporting the ongoing operational costs of the prayer center. That would included utilities, administrative costs, insurances, upkeep/repairs on the building and some to additional gifts to guests who come to minister with us. There are no paid staff. We truly appreciate all of you who support us by way of not only finances but through your prayers, participation in meetings, encouragement, suggestions, etc.

God bless you all!

Tim Nelson
Director Wilderness Prayer Center | Tim’s Cell 507-525-0349